Heating & Cooling Maintenance

2,000 hours per year…that’s how many hours an AVERAGE home central heating and cooling system will run in one year. Imagine driving your car 65 miles per hour for 130,000 miles, non-stop! It would be impossible without maintenance, and your heating and cooling system is no different. Elite Mechanical can provide you with a comprehensive maintenance program that will benefit you and your system in a number of ways:

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  • Peace of Mind - Our automatic, semi-annual inspection, with lubricating, adjusting, and cleaning of your equipment, will ensure that your system is running at its peak efficiency and that any potential problems are taken care of before they can cause serious trouble.
  • Trained Technicians - Our competent, well-trained, and dependable technicians are fully capable of performing the maintenance work on your equipment.
  • Preferred Treatment* - If you need emergency service for your system, our maintenance agreement customers receive PREFERRED treatment for these problems. We give our maintenance agreement customers top priority!
  • Longer Product Life - It’s a fact that regular maintenance and service on your mechanical equipment will prolong its life, while also keeping it running at peak efficiency.
  • Transferable - Your maintenance agreement is transferable to your new home, if you move.
  • 15% Discount - on parts and labor for all necessary repairs (does not include diagnostic/trip charge.)

$100.00 Off Equipment Replacement

*Preferred Treatment service applies within 24 hours of when your service call is placed.

With the energy savings, discounts, and benefits, you will find that our Maintenance Agreement will pay for itself! So why not sign up for our Maintenance Program TODAY! Call or email us to learn more!

Why do you need maintenance? Your heating and cooling system accumulates dust and dirt every day, which will gradually hurt its efficiency and reliability throughout the year, increasing both your monthly utility bills and the chances of you needing expensive repair bills.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to maintain your heating and cooling system:

Your heating and cooling accounts for roughly half of all the energy your home uses. It only makes sense that your HVAC system should take priority to keep your utility bills down. A properly maintained system will perform efficiently and have a positive impact on your monthly utility bills.

Your HVAC system needs regular tune-ups, much like your car does. Your system should deliver the exact temperature you want, all day, every day. An HVAC unit that isn't working properly might be running too hard, resulting in inconsistent temperatures that will reduce comfort and raise your utility bills.

Many people will opt out of routine maintenance due to the expected high cost. What homeowners don’t realize is that by skipping minor maintenance bills now, they are almost certainly guaranteeing a much higher repair bill in the future…and this usually happens on an extremely hot or cold day when they need the service the most, but have to wait because HVAC companies are usually backed up on those types of days. The maintenance service will more than pay for itself through lower and less frequent repair bills and more efficient operation.

If your HVAC system has a warranty, it is oftentimes necessary to have routine maintenance completed in order to validate the warranty, protecting you from the larger expense of having to pay for a new system without a warranty.

Without regular maintenance, which involves the lubrication of all moving parts, there will be greater resistance in the motors, which will increase the amount of electricity required to run the motor. This added resistance will also wear out your equipment more quickly, and could possibly cause the motor to burn out, resulting in another expensive repair bill.

Proper maintenance will add several years to the life of your heating and cooling system, meaning many more years of efficient operation and more manageable utility bills.

Finally, it’s important that your blower components are properly inspected, cleaned and adjusted to ensure that air is flowing properly through your home. Problems with your airflow can hurt your system’s efficiency by as much as 15 percent.

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